Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Introduce Yourself

I am a curious person and I am always curious about who reads my blog. So, please introduce yourself.

I will go first.

My name is Dianna but most everyone calls me Dee-Dee. I like planning, making lists and organizing. I like having a schedule but my husband usually challenges my plans and schedules.
I have been married for almost five years but I have been with my husband for over 10 years now. We have one child and a cat.
If you can tell me where my blog name comes from you get bonus points.

Ok now it's your turn. Who are you?


  1. Hello, My name is Kelly. I'm a wife and stay-at-home mom to two boys, ages 6 1/2 and almost 5. I am a blogger myself,, and I find it comforting and therapeutic to read other blogs and tales of parenthood, coping and daily joys.

  2. I'm Ashleigh and I'm thrifty! Haha. I try hard to be wise with money - whether its couponing, sales, making it myself, etc. It's a lot of fun! I've been married 2 1/2 years and we have a sweet dog, Sammy, who I adore.

  3. Does your blog name come from the song, What Lola Wants? Hello, my name is Mary and I'm a published writer and educator. I blog a lot and I'm blogging about not working so hard and trying to retire. I have a husband, a beautiful daughter and a cool life.
    Love your blog.

  4. Um your blog name comes from your name? =) You said they call you Dee Dee and you get what you want cause you're a woman. Don't we all. lol

    I feel like im in bloggers anonomous here. LOl

    Hi my name is Lisa. I'm a bit scatter brained at times, but that's okay you'll get used to it quickly. I love arts and crafts and cooking Rachel ray style. I don't have a lot of patience so my cooking and crafts have to be quick. I have a BF of 4 years and a son who is 9. My blogs about everything and anything, so come and visit.

  5. I am your favorite brother and I might be the only one that knows where your blog name comes from.

  6. my name is aranne (erin) and i stumbled on your blog a while ago through a friend. i love reading what you have to say and keeping up on all your great thanks for sharing.

    as for me, i am a new adoptive mom of an adorable little boy and i am loving life. i have been married for almost 8 years and things look good for 2010!

  7. I just love your blog, we have so much in common, now following you :)
    My name is Crystal, and I love lists, being organized, health, wellness, and exercise. Have been married almost 6 years, and have two young children.
    Wish I knew where your blog title came from, it's very cute, and would love to know the story behind it :)

  8. Hello, I am your friend from book club :) and I love reading your blog because your husband often wears hilarious things to church, your boy is adorable, and you post super cute crafty things that I am far too un-crafty to make.

  9. I'm Julie, your eldest and favorite sister. (let's see who debates that one) I check your blog all the time. I've been blog stalking for awhile but recently joined the ranks with a blog of my own. I'm a mom to 4+1, but they're all to big to need me now.

    I believe I first called you Dee-dee, but I'm not sure where the blog name comes from, probably a movie. But knowing you as well as I do, you usually get what you want.

  10. I know I'm not your favorite sister (Julie has that title), but I am your coolest sister. When you were little I taught you to appreciate rap music and how to properly chew Bubblicious watermelon gum.

    I'm the mom of two little girls (I guess you could say adoptive mom, but it's just mom to me.) I work full time and try to cook once in a while and keep a clean house...but that doesn't always happen.

    I'm not sure how you named your blog, but I'm guessing it's either a line from a movie or a song lyric.

  11. My name is Juliet and I've been checking out your blog on and off throughout the last few years (~3yrs?) probably since I started by own blog (which i have abandoned for a while). I'm an Art Director/Graphic Designer at a marketing agency. I to have been married for 5 years-6 in May and have been for my husband for over 10 years as well. No kids-yet, and I had a cat, but my husband was deathly allergic to him so I got my friend to have him. I enjoyed reading your kitchen and apt renovation from back in the day. And as for your name... it's probably the reason I started reading your blog-it immediately reminded me of the NOFX song "Whatever Didi Wants" :) if this isn't why-well now you have a song to go with your blog. enjoy!

  12. My name is Laurel and I actually went to high school with you, although you wouldn't know me I'm positive about that.

    I found your blog through Mandascouch. She and I were in a photography class together and she is also married to my brother in law's cousin-makes sense, doesn't it?!

    I am turning 30 next month, will be married for 10 years this May, I have a cute 3 yr old daughter and an adorable 12 week old son. I work full time but get to bring my kids to work with me. I wish I were as stylish as you-you have a great eye and are very creative.


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