Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Peek Into My Family

Random tidbits about my family.

Brad- Made homemade stilts for the kids in my family for Christmas one year. Each kid got their own pair and they were hand painted. I wish I still had mine.

Brian- Every time we go on It's a Small World at Disneyland with Brian he makes sure to sing really loud.

Julie- She was the first person I knew to own a colored computer. It was awesome! She had a cool slam dunk game and Wheel of Fortune. Of course the only colors on the computer were orange and neon green.

Jim- Use to work for Frito Lay and would bring us lots of free chips.

Susie- She would tend us younger kids when my parents would go out of town. Her friend Kelly helped too. They would play the sword game with us. It consisted of blindfolding two people, giving them a paper sword made out of news paper and then rearranging the furniture. Then the two people had to find each other through the maze of furniture, the first one to hit the other person with their sword won. Loved that game! I am sure my mom would die if she knew what we did with her precious furniture.

Todd- Let me be in his numerous home videos he made. Maybe not the slam dunk ones. He would put the trampoline on the basketball court and film while he and his friends filmed themselves dunking the basketball.

Laurie- I use to sneak into Laurie's hope chest and read her journal. Sorry Laurie!

Brent- Has a thing for ears, he always rubbing peoples ears. If you stand next to him too long he will inevitably start rubbing your ear lobe.

John- Made some really cool marble bags in elementary school and sold them to lots of kids.

Mary- She use the threaten to wipe off my friend, Jenny Across the Street's (that's what I called her) freckles. She loved her freckles.

Me- I am the baby of the family, the best place to be.


  1. oh the memories that photo evokes!!

  2. Holy Cow... I think that is our old Bally Video game system in the white box on the fireplace... I loved that system.

  3. I love this picture! I remember Johnny's shirt, he wore it all the time. You totally loved that "slippery" nightgown. The video machine behind you is Beta-Max and all of those chubby cheeks were so cute! What memories!

    BTW - I really don't remember the sword game.

    Todd, that was the Bally!

  4. Oh my gosh! My mom and I were just talking about the marble bags this week. Ririe has been playing with my mom's marbles and we were talking about how Mr. Ferrin taught them all how to play. I totally remember that...

  5. OMG... that picture brings back so many memories! I used to LOVE comming over to your house and jumping on the trampoline. My fav game was the shoe game (don't let the shoes get you!) That is until Mary jumped me off and almost broke my ankle! AH good times!

  6. Cute picture. What were you thinking though? Rolling your eyes at Mary? or thinking about what mischief you could get into?


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