Monday, March 15, 2010

Dot Com

I have some exciting news!

Whatever DeeDee Wants {she's gonna get it} has officially moved to a dot com!

You may not have even noticed because blogger automatically links you from the blogspot address to the dot com. Cool huh? That means when you type in blogger will automatically redirect you to

The only problem will be for those who view the blog in google reader, you will have to change to the new url. Sorry!

You will want to make sure to switch to the new url to keep updated on some up coming giveaways.

My blog anniversary is coming up soon and there will be a full week of giveaways!
Make sure to stay tuned.


  1. What does that mean? Do you get money now?

  2. WooHoo!!!! Congrats on the D.O.T.C.O.M!!!! Your movin' on up!!!!

  3. Yippee!! Happy day!!!

    Stopping by from SITS :)

  4. Ooo I have been wanting to see Coco before Chanel and Up in the Air! The last movie I saw was Sherlock Holmes...very good!!


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