Wednesday, March 10, 2010

To Do This Month

1) Try a new recipe

2) Rotate Brody's toys

3) Try kettle bell workout

4) Start saving for Brody's preschool

5) Finish taxes

6) Sell our condo

7) Go on more walks with Brody

8) Take off wall paper and prep walls for painting

What's on your to do list this month?


  1. I have one goal this month. TAXES! Yuck. We are self employed which means I have a lot of work ahead of me.

  2. Wow, those are great goals and a lot. I'm coming back to see how you are doing.
    Good luck.

  3. and... we need to co-ordinate getting you that roll of carpet. :)

  4. Great List. I too need to finish up my taxes, go on a walk with Brody and the kettle bell workout sounds interesting. But mainly I need to motivate myself again with my new years resolutions.

  5. Preschool is so dang expensive. Do they really need it?

  6. We did our taxes last month...feels SOOOO good to be DONE with it! Bleh!

    We're working on #4 as well. I can't believe how quickly kids grow up...makes me sad.


  7. Wait a minute... I am here to wish you a Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest since I commented right after YOU did! But, then I look at your blog and I see you have Brody. SUCH an uncommon name, and I have one too!! But, mine's a girl and is spelled "ie". Totally random, but I love it and it's meant to be, and I'll be back!!

  8. i wanna do the kettle ball workout too!


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