Thursday, April 15, 2010


I need help finding food for my picky boy to eat!

Brody has turned into quite a picky eater. He hasn't always been this way.

He hates bread, vegetables, eggs, meat, fruit (most of the time), cheese... the list goes on.
He loves yogurt, Cheerios and macaroni and cheese.
I have got to find more foods he'll eat!

What do you feed your 1 and a half year olds?
Any suggestions for Brody?


  1. Have you tried mincing up some veggies and adding them to the mac n cheese? You can also try to sneak in ham or tuna.
    Also, there are a lot of new baby yogurts out now that are more complete meals with several vegetables, whole grain rice, and sometimes meat in them.

  2. One way to get my boys to eat a sandwich, grab out your cookie cutters and let him pick one and cut the sandwich out!! That always gets my boys excited!! And you can do it with cheese - or meat too!!

  3. Similar to Jessica Seinfeld's book - I used to make the mac n cheese, and throw in a jar of similarly colored baby food - carrots, squash, etc... I would also mix in some Carnation Instant Breakfast to yogurt. Every little bit helps! Good luck!!

  4. Is he too young for the tooth-pick in the food thing? Ruby loved to eat anything that had a tooth-pick sticking out of it.
    Also you could try throwing a couple of heads of cauliflower into the boiling pot of mac and cheese. Fish it out and puree it, then mix it into the cheese sauce. Fast, cheep and easy way to add a veg to a diet.

  5. Have you tried whole wheat pasta mac n' cheese? I think the other people's suggestions of sneaking some veggies in there is great.

  6. Henry has been quite pickly lately with his food. The one thing that he will always eat is pizza. So we make a lot of homemade pizza (on pitas or english muffins) and cut them up for him.

  7. Don't forget that he likes fruit snacks.

    My kids loved most things they could feed themselves. They also liked eating whatever we were eating. So try modeling for him.

    He sounds like a little girl I used to know 25+ years ago. Except she loved bread!

  8. Freezing bananas dipped in sugarfree chocolate pudding works to get some fruit into the diet. It's like a healthy popsicle. I like to freeze grapes too.

  9. Sorry, my son eats evrything we eat and has a healthy appetite.

    But, my niece had this problem too, she was so tiny because she didn't eat. So I brought my son over and gave him food at their table. She was so jealous that she wanted whatever he had! It was amazing! so if your son has a jealous streak, maybe it could help.

    Also, it takes time for kids to adjust to new food, you just have to be stubborn enough and offer it enough times until they accept it. Not to push it down their throats, of course, just offer enough times and when they are ready they'll eat.

  10. That is really cool... update us on the contents of the conference... have a great weekend!


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