Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Big Three Oh!

Tomorrow is my thirtieth birthday.
30 wow!
I think that is suppose to make me feel old. It doesn't.

Here is my list of 30 things to do before I turn 31

1) Read 20 + books

2) Learn the basics of illustrator

3) Get a blog makeover

4) Try 6 new restaurants

5) Sew Travis and Brody ties

6) Learn about digital scrapbooking

7) Take a family picture

8) Try the one hundred push ups plan
Key word is try.

9) Learn to make gnocchi from scratch

10) Complete 12+ crafts projects
I can't tell you you how many unfinished projects I have in my house. 12 shouldn't be too hard, that's one a month.

11) Bake bread from scratch

12) Run 4 consecutive miles on the treadmill
A few years ago I was really into running and would run about 6 miles a few times a week. I am going to aim for 4 miles just to be safe.

13) Learn how to decorate cookies using royal frosting

14) Take Brody to Wheeler Farm

15) Buy a laptop

16) Register Brody for pre school
Oh wow! Can my baby really be old enough to get registered for pre school?

17) Make Brody' s Halloween costume

18) Finish my wedding scrap book
My 5 year wedding anniversary is less than a month away, it's about time I finish this.

19) Take a trip to San Francisco

20) Sell our condo

21) Learn the alphabet in sign language
I learned it when I was a kid but I only remember about half of it now.

22) Try a kettle bell workout

23) Get my wedding ring professionally cleaned

24) Go on a Disneyland trip

25) Drive across a suspension bridge
OK this one is really for Travis.

26) Look at the stars with Travis

27) Get a massage

28) Make homemade ice cream
I just love homemade vanilla ice cream.

29) get CPR certified

30) Start reading the bible
When I say start I mean read at the very least 5 books in the old testament.


  1. You are sooooo ambitious!! I'm always afraid to write down my goals because I'll be held accountable for them somehow! I love your list--good luck!

  2. That's a pretty awesome list!
    And...Happy Birthday!!! :)

  3. Great list! Have a very happy birthday! 30 isn't that bad. LOL

  4. We should have done something fun for lunch to celebrate today! Excellent list. Happy Birthday! I hope it's great!

  5. Great list! I just turned 29, maybe I should make one for a 30 countdown....

    stopping by from SITS,
    check out my monkeys and their stories here

  6. Happy B Day! :)

    I will be 29 the end of the year. Maybe I will make myself a list! ; ) I think its a great idea!!!

  7. Happy 30th! We can help you out with your San Fran goal, we have a guest bedroom.

  8. Happy Birthday.
    I like your list.
    Most seem fun and do-able!
    It'll be fun to see the list get checked throughout the year.

  9. i can help out with some of these :) you know my number! now lets get workin! haha

  10. This is awesome. Happy Birthday. I too turn 30 this year. Wow, where has time gone. A few tips to help you out...

    try a new restaurant... have you heard of India House in Sandy, Utah. AWESOME!

    20+ books...have you read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. So good!

    And yes I highly recommend getting a laptop. It makes life tons easier! Like now, I'm commenting on your blog and feeding Monet lunch at the same time :)

  11. I like your list... way to reassess where you're at and where you want to be in a year. Go learn the ABCs in sign language! Signing Time has some amazing DVD's out for kids, but they are super fun for the whole family. Most libraries have them.

  12. Just came across your blog from Bon Bon Rose. Happy belated bday! Great list. I must say, massage should go to the top. Had my first last week and WOW! Must do more often. Do not think once a week is enough ( : Hope you are enjoying summer so far. Cheers, J

  13. Happy belated birthday! I'm going to be turning thirty in a few months. I keep thinking OH MY, but yet I don't feel old. Actually, I feel better at this age then I did when I was 20. I know myself better and know what I want from life. Age is just a number.

    By the way, your Dr. Seuss quote at the bottom is one of my favorite quotes! It is so true and everyone should remember that saying when expressing themselves.


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