Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Playing Outside

This little boy can't seem to get enough outside play time. We could spend all day and night outside playing and it just wouldn't be enough for him.

Brody loves to play on this old toy tractor. It doesn't have a seat anymore but that makes it easier for Brody to sit on anyways.

Any recommendations for a good sunscreen? I wish I could find one that was more like a lotion and not so thick and greasy.


  1. My daughter uses one that is a spray on and it is wonderful. Sorry I don't know what kind it is. (That was no help at all)

  2. Your little boy is sooo cute! And I love the red hair. I think my daughter has red hair too, but its hard to tell since it is so pale and she is only six months old!

  3. he is adorable!! I hear you on playing outside. My almost one year old (tomorrow) cries when we go inside!
    Aveno baby?

  4. We use up & up (Target brand) kids sunscreen. It's a light spray..I like to re-apply it ~every 30 mins since we are in the pool. I have also used Waterbabies & been happy with that.


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