Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What I Learned at the Casual Bloggers Conference

I went to my first blog conference, the Casual Bloggers Conference a few weeks ago. Here are a few things I learned while there. Hopefully it will help you out if you go to a blog conference.

-Don't be shy
This one is a bit hard for me because I can get shy sometimes.

-Pass out business cards
This is such a great way to stay in contact with the bloggers/vendors you meet.

- Wear glasses
I have come to realize just how bad my eyesight has become (it wasn't always this bad) and if I had worn my glasses I think I would have seen more of the bloggers I wanted to meet.

-Take pictures
Dumb me brought my camera with me everywhere and only managed to take one picture. I regret that now.

-Wear something comfortable
I don't need to explain this do I?

-Go to all the social events
This is where most connections are made so take advantage.

-Introduce yourselves to the speakers if possible
The speakers are amazing and know so much, that's why they were asked to speak. It makes sense to want to make a connection with them, right?

-Ask questions
You are there to learn so if you have questions, ask them. Maybe someone else is wondering the same thing.

-Follow the conference hash tag on twitter
The Casual Bloggers Conference hash tag was #CBC10.

-Chat with the vendors
The bloggers aren't the only ones with great ideas, plus you might score a sponsorship from them later.

-Take good notes
I took the worst notes and wish I took the time to do it right. I don't know what half of my notes mean.

-Keep snacks on hand
You never know when you will get hungry or thirsty and you don't want to have to duck out of class early to grab food, you might miss some good information.

-Wear your name tag
Not everyone looks like their pictures online so some people will recognize your name or blog name before your face.

Oh did you think I was going to give you all the great secrets I learned from the CBC sessions? Sorry!

What have you learned from going to a blog conference?


  1. You weren't shy! Loved all your tips. I didn't take my camera because it would've been another carry-on, and I was already at my limit for the plane. I had to use my friends camera the entire time. That's okay..I just stole all the pics I wanted from them.

    Happy Tuesday!

    ~Goodnight moon

  2. Smart girl! You learned a lot!

  3. Thanks!! I can't wait to attend my first ... sometime!!!!

  4. I agree with you on every single thing. There were so many people there that I didn't meet because I became my shy insecure self rather than my confident outgoing self. I didn't stay for the concert and wished I had. I took so few photos and also had my camera with me the whole freaking time- and that sucker can get heavy :)

    great pointers and if I can manage to go to EVO, I'll apply your pointers and my regrets from #CBC10 :)

  5. Good tips. Mine is to try harder to remember people so I don't end up re-introducing myself to people I've already met! Maybe I need new glasses too. It was nice to meet you.

  6. A blogger conference sounds like it would be so much fun! And I could use all the tips everyone has to be a better blogger. I enjoy blogging - just wish I had more time for it!!

    bee blessed


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