Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One Question Interviews

I asked a few Bloggers one question.
what is your favorite mommy advice.
Here are their answers.

Kim from Today's Creative Blog

There is SO much advice out there. I have managed so far to raise a well adjusted 11 yr old boy. Crossing my fingers for a smooth 7 more years. Besides building integrity and good character, I want my son to appreciate the beauty in life. Since he was little, I make it a habit to point out beauty all around us. I do this with excitement. There is nothing like hearing your child ask you to come see this "amazing sunset" or discuss a piece of art. Building sensitivity in boys is often overlooked.
In a fast paced world, I want him to slow down and see the beauty in things around him, people around him and most importantly, himself.

Angie from The Creative Mama and Angie Warren

I was once told to not only love my kids but to love myself. To give ME a break, encouragement, comfort. All the books and experts in the world don't know my kids like I do, so stop being so hard on myself- and allow my parenting to evolve and flourish as our family does. It's been a journey for me, but I', slowly realizing how true those words are.

Marta from Marta Writes

this is a great question. i've received so much good mommy advice from friends and family, but recently i've been thinking a lot about something i heard while i was pregnant. before i gave birth to my little one, my sister-in-law told me, little boys are like puppies. explaining that they need a safe place to run, they need a lap for cuddling and they need a whole lotta praise and pats on the head. now that my boy is almost two, i take her advice every day. we go to the park, we read stories together, give lots of hugs and i try to catch him being good as often as possible and shower him with praise and pats on the head. my goal is to make the most of our time together, to enjoy all the little moments because i know he'll grow up in a blink. motherhood is such hard work, i want to make sure i am available for the rewarding moments!

Margot from Old School

I spent years feeling like I couldn't wait for my kids to reach this milestone or that milestone. But careful! Time speeds up as it goes along, and before you know it those years are gone. Don't wish them away. Drink them in.

Tauni from It's a Tradition

Be available, both emotionally and physically, during the ordinary moments. Include your kids in your everyday activity whether it be shopping, washing the dishes or watching tv.
It is in the simple things that you will create a bond for life!

Sounds simple, but sometimes today I think parents focus on "being there" for the big moments and forget that relationships are built everyday.

Camille from Make it Work Mom

Make every moment count! Life happens way too fast to not make memories along the way - especially if it includes a cupcake.

Dianna from Whatever DeeDee Wants She's Gonna Get it

One piece of advice my sister in law gave me (long before I had kids) that I love is keep a consistent schedule. I keep Brody on a pretty strict nap and bed time schedule and I think it makes a world of difference in his life. Of course I am not always perfect but I do think children need consistency.

Now it's your turn, what is your favorite mommy advice?

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  1. Good to read such thoughtful comments, as my children are grown, I would say to give them thir space and not advice unless asked for....and with the grandchildren to make sure their time with Mimi is lots of fun!

    Art by Karena

  2. The most important piece of advice my sister gave me and I totally tried to live by it while my kids were growing up:

    Pick your battles...

  3. Thanks for letting me be a part. You have a beautiful blog.

  4. I love these one question interviews! This was a great one-I am always on the lookout for good parenting advice. I have always kept my girls on a strict schedule too. Nap time has been at the same time and is always at home in their own beds-not sleeping in the stroller while I'm shopping, etc. Not that they ever fell asleep in their stroller anyway! I also really love Kim's advice. My daughter Natalie points out pretty sunsets to me too, and I just love it.

  5. What an honor to be grouped with so many great mamas! I loved reading everyone's advice! Awesome idea, DeeDee! :)

  6. I have two.

    If your house is tidy, noone will notice the dirt

    Its only a problem if its a problem for you.

  7. This was a great post!

    Mine would have to be,let kids be kids - they are going to get messy, fall down, etc - let them....

  8. What a great post! I am not a mommy so I'm probably not in a position to give advice, but... listen to your kids, really hear what they have to say. They may have little bodies, but they also have big minds!

    Have a great weekend, everyone :)


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