Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hogle Zoo

We love going to the Zoo!
Brody loves watching the train almost as much as he enjoys riding on it.
Even though you can't tell from the picture though.

We always have to measure up next to the gorillas.

What do you like to do at the Zoo?


  1. We have loved the zoo for years. My son went on a mission years ago. We told him we would do whatever he wanted the day before he left. He wanted the whole family to go to Hogle Zoo. We did! Great memory.

  2. The zoo was my favorite place to go as a child - a memory I hope to pass along.

    I still have the cute little zoo hat I always wore. Alas, I have no girls to put it on.

    I also remember the vending machines that created the plastic animals. It smelled. Come to think of it the reptile area smelled too. Oh, and the display full of items that had been swallowed by the animals in the hippo area. That was cool too.

    Our favorite thing of late? The baby elephant.

    Yeah. Lots of memories. Love the

  3. From about 9mo to about 5 Christian was insanely crazy about trains. OBSESSED!! We would go to the zoo just to ride the train. It was an awsome train ride that would go through the forrest up to the Portland Rose Gardens and then turn around and go back to the zoo. It was about a 40min ride. We'd ride it a couple of times and then go home. Never wanted to go see the animals :) Great memories!


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