Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Here is a list of movies we have watched recently.

Finding Nemo is watched almost daily.

What movies have you seen lately?


  1. We're still singing the Pippi song at our house--thanks for sharing an oldie but goodie.

  2. I've completely forgotten about Pippi Longstocking. I better find that at the library and watch it with the kids STAT! We didn't like the Backup Plan. Enjoyed the Killers. Waiting impatiently for Letters to Juliet to come in the mail from Netflix today!

  3. I've seen 3 of your six recently. Along with those are Date Night, The Other Guys & Letters to Juliet.

  4. Pipi!!! I use to love that movie/show...I think they had a cartoon at one point too. My daughter (age 3) is obsessed with Beauty and The Beast. Its a classic and I dont mind seeing it a 4 times a day. lol


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