Monday, October 4, 2010

Cute Halloween Costumes

Here are a few of my favorite Halloween costumes from around the web.

40's sailor girl

Here's my Halloween costume lists from last year.

What are your kids going to dress up as this year?


  1. I love halloween! My daughter is going to be dorothy and my son is going to be a giraffe.

  2. our whole family is going as star wars characters!

  3. I love Halloween and wish i had the time and talent to make my girls costumes. But since I don't, than you for the links. There are some adorable costumes!

  4. Cute costumes!

    This year we will have one Bowser, one Luigi and one Yoshi...three years ago I wouldn't have had clue as to who these characters are :)

  5. My 4 yr old picks her costume based on the shoes. She is such a shoe girl!


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