Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I am

Listening to- Video Killed the Radio Star by The Wrong Trousers.
I can't get it out of my head. I love it!

Watching- Brody run and jump all over the house. Jumping is his new favorite thing.
Oh and the U of U football team. Go Utes!

Reading- The Scent of Rain and Lightning.

Cooking- Julie's pan sugar cookies.
They are so good and way easier than real sugar cookies.

Looking forward to- Brody's birthday at the end of the week.
My baby will be two years old!


  1. ohhh i LOVE the scent of rain and lightning~!! and mmm those sugar cookies look divine!! :D

  2. Thanks for sharing the video I hadn't seen it but it was awesome! Going to check out those pan sugar cookies too :)


  3. I love your "I am" posts. I sometimes copy them because I think they are so fun. Great style. And I can't believe he will be 2!!!! Wow! It was just yesterday...

  4. I can't believe Brody will be 2! Happy Birthday to him! Go Utes!!!

  5. Good list of things you're doing. Happy Birthday Brody Boy! And GO UTES!

  6. And a happy early birthday to Brody!

  7. The dude is all about jumping right now too!

  8. Happy Birthday to your little guy.


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