Monday, November 8, 2010

Two Years Old

My baby boy turned two years old this weekend!

Brody is my little buddy. We have such a good time together.
He loves being outside throwing balls, riding bikes and throwing balls.
He loves to be chased and tickled.
He is the pickiest eater I know and that's a big deal coming from me.
Brody loves popcorn, pizza and french fries.
He loves bath time.
He loves his cousins.
Brody is always asking for the keys. We ended up making him his own set of keys from old keys we had around the house.

I love you Brody Chopper!

You can see Brody's age project here.


  1. he is such a handsome little boy! I love all the pictures you post of him.

  2. He is totally adorable!!!!! D Man has those same converse. Happy Birthday Brody!

  3. happy birthday brody! that picture belongs on a gap magazine.

  4. He is so darling! I just love his red hair.

  5. Love your little red head. My 2-year old son is a red head too!! :)


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