Monday, December 20, 2010

Nail Polish

My favorites are the sparkly colors such as 
Show It & Glow It
Simmer & Shimmer
Bring On The Bling

But I also love 

Let Me Entertain You
Ali's Big Break
Tease-y Does It

Don't you love all the color names OPI comes up with? 
I wish I could name nail polish colors for a living! 


  1. I want some of this SO badly. Hubby doesn't particularly like painted fingernails. What is that about???? I may just do it anyway...hehehe.

  2. so hot! i hope you rock these at a holiday party this year :)

  3. Last Christmas I bought smitten with mittens (opi) and I love it more this year than I did when I got it :)

  4. My very favorite nail polish ever was an OPI holiday limited edition. It was a sad, sad day when one of my kids dropped it.

    I'm working on responding to your email. You ask HARD questions. ;)


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