Tuesday, December 28, 2010

One Question Interview

I asked a few of my favorite bloggers one question and here are there answers.

What do you want to accomplish in 2011?

Shelley from House of Smiths

There are so many things... but mostly, I hope to accomplish...BALANCE
Such a simple word, for such a complicated task, right!? ha!
I would really like to find a great balance between my work and family, friends, and well... life in general! :)
Sometimes I find myself slipping into a bit of a "work-mode-rut"... where all I can focus on is the "bottom line", or things that "need" to get done.  And before I know it... a whole week has flown by, and I can hardly remember what day it is! I hope I'm not alone here... lol.
I want to set "limits" for myself, to what I can REALISTICALLY handle, so that I'm not consumed
by what I "think" needs to get done to feel accomplished, before I can relax or play!
This will require the practice of me having to say "no" more often... (which I am NOT good at) but I think at the end of my days I will feel much more complete, satisfied... and hopefully... Balanced :)

In 2011 I want to have at least three projects that I'm proud of to use in my portfolio. I feel like last year I focused a lot on lots and lots of projects and was never able to fully commit myself to the ones I really loved. This upcoming year I hope to find clients that let me do amazing things with their spaces. I want to produce a few rooms that I'm really really proud of. Fewer clients will hopefully allow me time to put more thought and love into each room.

Char from Crap I've Made

I want to visit Omaha.
I want to say NO more often.
I want to say YES more often.
I want to yell less and laugh more.
I want to DO more and worry less.
I want to take more naps.
And, I want to stop buying diapers for the first time since 2000.

What do you want to accomplish in 2011?


  1. these are sooo great! i think that balance is an important one!!! sometimes i spend too much time blogging and not enough time sleeping, and that's not healthy!!! :P

  2. OOH!!! What a great idea! I want to interview my fave bloggers for the New Year now! ;)

  3. I loved Shelley and Kirsten's answers! This was fun (even if it did make me think)!

  4. I'm all in with Char on the no more diapers thing. It's been since 2001 for us, but I'm over it already!

  5. Great post. I hope for me time!

  6. crap ive made?!! hahaha love her blog name, heading over there now.


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