Friday, January 21, 2011

Dianna's Must Haves

When I first started my blog years ago I had a little series, Dianna's Must Haves. 
I decided it is time to bring it back. 
Some things might be repeats but oh well, I posted them so long ago. 


1) Label Maker
I love my label maker! It seriously makes life easier.
I like to label everything including my shoes.

2) Tweezerman tweezers
Have you ever tried tweezing your eyebrows with cheap tweezers? It sucks!
Tweezerman slanted tweezers have a strong grip, so it will pull the hair out every time.

3) The Pampered Chef Micro-Cooker
I am not usually a kitchen gadget sort of person but the pampered Chef Micro-Cooker is one of the greatest things! The Micro-Cooker is designed for  microwave cooking. The lid is vented and doubles as a strainer. It makes cooking so much faster and easier. I especially like to use it for Top Ramen or mac n cheese when I need a quick little meal. It also is perfect for melting chocolate.


  1. #1 was already on my list
    and I have #3 and have never thought of using it for chocolate... haha.

  2. I soooooo need a label maker!!

  3. found you via twitter and i LOVE your blog following you here and on twitter now. :)

  4. Those tweezers are the best. I feel like a new woman because of them.

  5. What a clever little cooker. I love my tweezers too. (We all know how weird I am about eyebrows.) And often use the labelmaker as well. What a fun series.

  6. I have and love all three of these myself. I actually have 2 of the microwave pans. They get used all the time at my house!

  7. I just ran across your site and have to ask... what do you label your shoes... left / right? Tee hee! Sorry, I just couldn't resist!

    I have all my spices labeled on the top lid. After all, I'm always looking down at them and have to pick up each bottle to read the regular label. Now I can tell at a glance what spice it is. I even have them alphabetical in the frig but that's a whole different topic. :-)



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