Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentines Dinner at Home

Sometimes going out for Valentines is a pain!
It is such a busy night, why not stay home to celebrate?

Staying home doesn't mean a boring night in front of the TV.
Follow my guide to make it a special night.

Mix it up this year by decorating with pinks and a hint of blue. No red this year.
Use flower pom poms to decorate. Try hanging them above the table.

Find pink glass cups from your local thrift store and fill with pink and white candy.
The candy dishes can double as decorations.


Fill the pink glasses with raspberry ginger ale. If you can't find it try regular ginger ale and add a few frozen raspberries.

Mixed green salad with poppy seed dressing 
from Caroline.

Balsamic pork tenderloin.
Follow this recipe from Redhead Recipes.


Finish off your night with a cold treat. These heart shaped ice cream sandwiches are a perfect choice.
You can make them the day before and freeze them until your ready to eat them.

See, that doesn't seem too hard does it?
You can have a fun, festive valentine date at home this year.

If you want more options check out this valentine dinner plan.


  1. Love it all! Amazing taste as always! I just made those pompoms for my daughters room as a window treatment instead of curtains. It turned out super cute.

    I love pink depression glass! And that salad looks devine! I need it in my belly right now!

  2. Pretty.

    We actually don't ever go out on Valentine's Day...we have a special dinner at home with the kids :)


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