Friday, April 22, 2011

1980's Movie List

A while ago I mentioned I had compiled a list of 1980's movies. I am going to watch every single one of them too. Of course this list doesn't have every movie from the 80's just what I consider the classics.
You can download a copy of the list here.

What 80's movies do you love?
Did I forget a movie you think I should add?

Sorry my picture is so blurry.


  1. Great lists Deeds! The only movie I'd add is Against All Odds with Jeff Bridges.

  2. St. Elmo's Fire is my all time favorite 80s flick!

  3. I thought of another one. Taps--with Sean Penn, Tom Cruise, Kevin Bacon--I think Trav might like it too,

  4. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure?

  5. Awesome list! Heathers should definitely be on there-- it's a little shocking, but worth the watch.

  6. About last night. Demi Moore Rob Lowe
    When was endless love?


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