Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hello My name is Dianna

The last few months have brought a lot more readers this way, so I thought I would introduce myself to you and give you the chance to do the same. So please, introduce yourself (even if you aren't new) and tell me how you know me or found my blog.

I will go first.

Hello, my name is Dianna but most everyone calls me Dee-Dee.
-I am the youngest of 11 kids.
-I Live in SLC with my husband, son and kitty.
-I would go to bed at 9:00 every night if I could.
-I can't wink.
-I am a certified Master Aesthetician but am non-practicing.
-I love to read
-I can do the running man
-I hate fruit
-I love vanilla
-I love Shaquille O'Neal
-Disneyland is one of my favorite places

Now it's your turn...

Oh and I am guest posting at the DownEast blog. Stop by and say hi.


  1. you hate fruit?! oh my... i am obsessed with it!!

  2. I love your blog! 11 kids?!?! Your mom deserves some kind of an award. That is too fun.

    I'm Hil. I'm a mom to two ridiculously cute boys and I'm an arachnophobe who loves eating cookie dough. :)

  3. Hi! I'm Dollie. I found you via Tipjunkie :)
    I am loving your blog btw :)
    I'm going to post a getting to know you blog post soon. I've tried the blogging thing so many times, hopefully one day it will stick.
    10 siblings? Wow! Your mom must have the patience of a Saint. I couldn't imagine having such a huge family :) But I bet there was never a dull moment.


  4. Hi! I'm Drea, I'm a new mom, I have a 7 day old son! I have ad your blog in my reader for a while... But I'm not a big commenter. I love food, animals, my husband, craft beers, grilling and swimming in the lake in the summer. And my boy of course!

  5. Hello! I'm Jenny of JS Designs Studios (sign up for the giveaway please! and get Dianna some followers - she's awesome). I have two darling little girls that I love to pieces. They are twins but couldn't be more different. I have been happily married to my hubby, Nick for almost 7 years, but we were high school sweethearts so we have really been together for almost 18 years. I love chocolate, seriously I have it almost every day, but don't tell my hubby. Love to sew, read, take walks with the girls and play at the park. And I have never been to Disneyland, but I love DISNEY WORLD! I have been their seven times in my life, and I live at the opposite end of the country from it!

  6. I'm Kelli from A House to Fill. My husband and I just bought a house in a suburb of Portland, Oregon and I started my blog to chronical my decorating adventures. I didn't think it was possible to hate fruit (I would eat it all the time if I could afford it) and I can't wink either. ;( <--that's me trying to wink and being sad because my husband's teasing me about it.

  7. Cute cute pictures of you and your husband.

  8. Holy Cow. 11 kids! That is amazing. I bet your reunions are such fun.

    I am a designer. A mother. A wife. A Mormon. A foodie. A paper horder. A purse and shoe lover. A fan of your blog.

  9. I'm Cindy, I don't know how I found your blog today, but I did!
    I'm 55, have 6 children and 12 grandchildren.
    I love to eat, so I cook! My blog is mostly the food I make that I would love to share. A few crafts and a little family.
    I love to read, talk to my children and listen.
    My hubby of 35 years is my best friend. He is so kind and good.
    I'm sending your blog to my daughters. I think they will love the list of 75 things to do in the summer.


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