Friday, June 10, 2011

Potty Training

This Summer I am going to potty train Brody.
This is the one thing I have not looked forward to as a mom. Quite frankly I am dreading it!

What are your potty training tips and tricks?


  1. My mom always used to say: If you potty train children they'll be ready for potty when they're 2½ and you'll be a very tired mom. If you don't potty train them and let nature take it's course, they'll be ready for potty when they're 2½ and you've saved yourself a whole lot of trouble. My brother and I weren't potty trained and I'm not going to be training my children but look forward to following your experiences.

  2. hmmm, my son was potty trained 2 mths before his 2 yr b-day- what i did was- for about 2 mths- when we went to the potty he went with us and we did the potty dance and he clapped and wavied bye bye pee pee.
    Ok shoot I guess i dont have alot of tips- he was easy- he wore pulls ups one week and the next week i put him in underwear. I gave him stickers-he liked that. And I cut back on his drinking- I would give him his drink at meal times only- and then would give him sips-when he asked for some. But if your child is outside-its so hot out there- they need more. But at night- he would have a drink with his dinner meal and then no more- that cut down on the bed wetting. Maybe Brody can take his stuffed animals and show them how to potty too- my son did that too.

    Good luck!

  3. There is an awesome video called "Potty Power." It definitely helped. But, the truth is that it is the one thing that they truly have control over. And, depending on the disposition of your child, you may just have to wait until they are "ready."

  4. @ Misha~I'm with your Mom on this one! They will pretty much do it themselves when they're ready..I had a potty in the bathroom for my Daughter to use if she wanted, but didn't make a big deal out of it. One morning, she was just shy of 2 and a half~she told me 'no more diapers~I'm a big girl now' and that was that. One co-worker had her hubby take her boys camping for a weekend and they peed on logs while they were gone, that worked for them!

  5. I took two approaches with my girls and they both worked great. Ella was potty trained by our babysitter while I was at work, which was awesome! (I highly recommend this option!) With Leah, we waited until she was ready. She was 3 but once she decided to go in the potty herself, we moved to big girl underpants. No pull-ups, night time diapers or anything. It was easy.

  6. Being that I have 4 kids, each child is completely different to potty train. With my first daughter, I had completely potty trained at 15mths. But that was beacuse she was an awesome baby. My son {which boys are harder to train} didn't get it until he was 2 1/2...and my other daughter was trained at 21mths.

    I currently have a 20mth old and he is NO where NEAR being ready. I stick him on the potty and he freaks out screaming his head off. He is going to be a hard one to train...and I'm so NOT looking forward to it.

    My tips would be, don't push it. If he's not ready...he's not ready. You're only going to frustrate yourself more by trying to push it if he's not ready. I would do a potty dance for them everytime they went. I normally took them to the potty almost every 15mins to "try". Once I got them to understand the "feeling" of having to pee...I let them pick out their own underwear at the store and told them that once I bought it for them, they weren't allowed to pee or poop in them. It worked with my kids.

    It's hard work to potty train! We as mom's should get awards for successfully potty training our kids!

    Good luck!!!


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