Monday, June 20, 2011

Reading List

Recently I have read 
 I really enjoyed this book by the author of The Book Thief.
Plus it's a quick read.

 This book left a sick feeling in my stomach after reading it.

 I am currently reading
This is a long book so I read only small bits at a time but I really like it. 

 I am going to read

What are you reading?
What suggestions do you have for me?


  1. I am impressed you have time to read so many books! I wish I had time to read these days!

  2. Dee-Dee I am reading The Girl who Fell from the Sky. Excellent and it is hard to tear away from it.

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  3. hey. i commented somewhere that i was a new follower and got the link from real mom kitchen. wrong. it was from taste and tell. just wanted to correct myself. but i am still so so pumped about this. i am a mother of three children - all five years apart (not planned that way!)girl - sixteen girl - eleven and boy - six. so boy am i crazy. that boy keeps me on my toes! your little red head is precious! i have such a love for books...even though i don't get to read near as much as i would like. but i keep up with the bestsellers and am also a magazine freak. my sister and mother all read - and we share. they get to read way more than i do....she doesn't have a boy. ha. anyway. what i am currently reading is "The Help" which will be a movie in August. wow. it is so good. you've prob already read it.


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