Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Do all two and half year olds know exactly what they want? My little Brody sure does! 
He has something to say about his clothes, what he eats, he even has to pick out his own shoes. 
Most days I don't give in because I am more stubborn than him. But then there are days where he gets to wear his swimsuit all day long, even if we didn't go swimming.
 Brody loves cars and by love, I mean he is obsessed!  
All of his cars have names. The ones that resemble friends and family members cars are named to match their car (ie Julie's car, Sparky's car, Mark's truck). I guarantee if he sees your car, he will remember it and will point it out everytime he sees the same make/model driving around town. 
He sure has a great memory!
He also likes to line his cars up and he makes sure they are all in the same direction. Lately he likes "backwards cars" and daddy even makes sure to back into the driveway for him.

Brody likes to read and I am sure to find a pile of books in bed with him each morning.
 My little boy is always asking to color. Daddy will roll out long sheets of butcher paper out on the floor floor him so he can color. He has to use markers, he doesn't like crayons. 
Brody is always making coloring requests from me. He just won't accept that I CAN'T draw! Luckily for him Grandma and daddy can draw just about anything, even his beloved cars. 
This summer he have been drawing outside with chalk. Brody can't get enough of it. He especially likes when daddy traces him or when I draw a "B" for Brody.
When did my little baby get so big?


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