Friday, July 8, 2011

Movie List

Here is my latest list of shows I have been watching.

What have you been watching?


  1. SWAMP PEOPLE!!!!!!

  2. Good gracious! I LOVE Big Bang Theory! That show cracks me up like no other!! :)

  3. Because it's Summer not that much but I just got into Swamp Loggers. And of course, the best Summer show of all time: Deadliest Catch. I wish they fished for crab year round so I could be a bigger part of their lives. On the funny side of things is Hot in Cleveland. Oh my gosh, I practically pee my pants every episode. And then theres So You Think You Can Dance. Devoted. I've had Veronica Mars on my radar now for a while and since it's Watch It Now on Netflix I'll probably check it out. Too little time for all the good stuff out there!!

  4. thank you for this! i need some more shows to watch!


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