Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blair Candy Review

A few weeks ago Blair Candy sent me some of my favorite candies from my childhood to review.
I'm sure many of you know about candy cigarettes. Oh how I loved them! Of course my mom hated them and only allowed me to have them if I promised not to pretend to smoke them.

The candy cigarettes were as good as I remembered them and mom, I didn't pretend to smoke them.
Candy cigarettes come in a box of 24 and only cost $5.
One of my favorite things about candy cigarettes is the packaging. I love the retro designs on each package.
Wouldn't they be a fun party favor?
Blair Candy also sent me a box of Zotz. We could not get enough of these at my house! 
If you haven't tried Zotz I recommend that you do and fast. Zotz aren't your typical hard candy, the center is filled with a fizzy sour surprise. They are manufactured in Italy and have been around since 1968. 
I love their slogan "where the fizz izz".
This review for Blair Candy was really fun! 
I will definitely order candy from them in the future.

Blair Candy provided me with the candy to review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. love blair candy can find unique items & its in my home town !


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