Sunday, November 13, 2011

Give Thanks: Fashion

I am super happy to be guesting here at Whatever Dee Wants! If you don’t know me, I am Teresa from Teresa: Life and Style and this time of year is probably my most favorite. I don’t have a whole lot of family so the holiday season is the time where we all come together – even if not in person, we talk more… we laugh more and on top of all that… I get to see my sweetie J’s family too (I love them as if they were my very own!)

My blog is daily outfit driven so if you stop by and like it – you will see lots of daily outfits, celebrity inspired looks and outfits that I remix so that I can save a little money! Check it out, I’d love to meet you and get to know you better J

Since this is the Give Thanks series, I think it only right that I tell you all what I am thankful for:
·         Happiness. Everyday there is something to be happy about, even the bad days have something good. Whether it be a glass of wine to unwind, a funny tv show, or a lesson learned…
·         Less is More! I am on a journey to do a lot less (spending/procrastinating/judging/being lazy!) and its really amazing how much more aware you can be when you do “less” and start experience more out of life.
·         Family. Family is so important to me, I have a tiny family but it’s MINE, my boyfriend has a much larger family and I love them all so much, I am so lucky that I get to call them my family too.
·         J. If you read my blog, you know J – He is basically my everything and I love him so much. He is my strength and my world and I am truly grateful that God brought us together.
·         Blogging. This little ginormous network of bloggers is something that I don’t think I could live without… it’s a perfect support system, we love each other and help each other, its like a myriad of best friends and extended family that I love so so much.
·         The Moshi. Of course I cannot leave her out – she is my stray cat rescue and he brighten every single day… pets are amazing and if you don’t have one now, look into adopting a rescue pet from a shelter, pound, or person who you may know that cannot care for their pet. They are simply the most rewarding most loving and most wonderful creatures on this planet (aside from children – I don’t have any yet.)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I am so happy to have had the chance to get to meet you all and just want to say one more thing… Happy holidays, love each other, and thanks Dee for letting me participate in your Give Thanks series!

xoxo Teresa

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