Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Love!

Today is Travis' birthday and I want to recognize him on my blog. 
 Since he is now 31 here are 31 random things about my Traver.
Travis and Brody 2009

1.Travis and I met as kids (16 years old) and quickly became best of friends
2. he is a very thoughtful gift giver
3. is an awesome butcher
4. creates the coolest fonts around
5. knows more useless facts (or useful depending on the fact) than anyone I know
6. is obsessed with cars
7. is a pickier eater than me (that's saying a lot)
8. he is the best at making Brody giggle
9. owns more shoes than me
10. is not afraid to wear pink
11. he kisses me goodbye every time he leaves the house
12. Travis is a major night owl
13. he makes me laugh
14. has amazing vision (which is good because i don't)
15.Travis loves LEGOS
16. lived in Nashville when he was a kid
17. is very creative
18. he has lived in Nashville
19. he loves baseball
20. his first car was a Volkswagen Corrado
21. Travis is a scout leader
22. he loves Mike and Ikes candy
23. he played hockey in high school
24. Travis is really ticklish
25. his initials are T.J. but his dad is the only one who calls him TJ
26. Funyuns are an essential part of his diet
27. he is very sweet
28. he gives good foot massages
29. Trav owns Wranglers, boots and a cowboy hat but I have never seen him wear them
30. Ender's Game is one of his favorite books
31. I love him!

Happy birthday Traver!

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