Tuesday, February 7, 2012

DIY Party Hat Tutorial

Brody has been playing with left over party hats we had in our closet. I'm not sure what is so exciting about them but he loves them. I decided I would help him decorate them for a quick little project one day.

Here is how we made them.

You will need:
various sized circles. I used cardstock and felt.
XL Glue Dots
Party hats
Step 1. Stack your circles in desired arrangement
Step 2. Place a Glue Dot® between each circle
Step 3. Attach the circle arrangement to the party hat with an XL Glue Dot 
So easy and super fast!

You may be wondering about the XL Glue Dots®, they are new.  The XL Glue Dots® are 1 inch diameter and the XXL Glue Dots® are 2 inch diameter. They both work on paper, foam, metal, plastic, wood, glass, fabric and more. Pretty cool right?

I wrote this blog post while participating on the Glue Dots® Design Team.


  1. those glue dots sound cool. can i get them at michaels?

  2. That is cool to make your own party hats! I love that Glue Dots are now available. They look easy to use!


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