Monday, February 13, 2012

One Question Interviews

I asked a few of my favorite Bloggers one question and here are their answers.

 What’s your secret for a happy marriage?

Jennifer from I Heart Organizing

Communication.  I over communicate but I think it really keeps us on the same page, and ensures we are making time to spend with one another.  We sit down and plan out our week each Sunday, and always make sure we are including a little time together, even if that means working on a house/blog project or catching a quick show together.

 Rachel from Maybe Matilda 

I think my secret is pretty simple (but kind of hard to live) . . . be nice. We're so nice and so understanding and forgiving when we're dating, but it's easy to get critical and impatient and mean once we're married. Just keep being nice!

Kim from A Girl And A Glue Gun 

time. time is the secret to a happy marriage. me and the husband are two very different people. he loves to go out and about and goes stir crazy at home. i could stay home for 4 days straight and be fine. He goes and does his thing and i stay home and craft. we could probably go the whole day without seeing each other. so we make sure we save time for us. even if it's just watching american idol together. we need that time to reconnect (it's super easy to reconnect over making fun of really bad singers...then trying to imitate them) date nights. laying in bed talking. taking showers together (you have some some time alone together...and to conserve water...whatever we can do for the environment). you don't have to spend every minute of every day together. but make sure to save time for each other.

What's your secret for a happy marriage?


  1. being nice that's a good one.. i'm not married or even close to it but i can totally see where being impatient and snappy and just a little mean can be a lot easier sometimes than being ncie

  2. Fun post! My answer would be to plan time to spend together.

  3. Thanks for inviting me to participate! I need to take some tips from Kim and Jennifer . . . my husband and I could definitely do a better job of planning time together to play and talk. It's so easy to let little things get in the way!

  4. I really liked this post. Simple, but great tips. Thanks everyone for sharing!

  5. All great advise and all things that also work for my marriage! :)

  6. Been married 35 wonderful years. It works because my husband has never tried to control me, and he never acts like he owns me. I am a gift that lasts for the rest of his life.


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