Friday, February 17, 2012

Revisited: a look in my freezer

I posted this picture a few years ago (you can see the original post here). 
Our freezer stocked full of yummy, meaty goodness all wrapped in butcher paper. 
 It was full of steak, chicken mignon, marinated chicken, ribs, etc.
Right now we are working on eating everything from our freezer and then we will stock it up again.
The perks of having a butcher for a husband.

What's in your freezer?


  1. lucky you! i remember when my dad killed a huge steer and had it all prepared for him we had to buy a separate freezer for all the meat! and it looks like that. all the sausage cuts went first :)

  2. Im jealous. My freezer is in need of defrosting so we need to eat everything out of ours too.

  3. My freezer is mostly full of Totino's pizza. Is that bad?


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