Thursday, April 26, 2012

TruShape Body Contouring part 2

How would you like to lose over an inch of fat from your body in about an hour?
Really, you can! TruShape in Salt Lake City  uses new technology to make it happen.
As part of the TruShape Bloggers Panel I have seen it work first hand.

How does it work?
TruShape uses low frequency Ultrasound to basically break down fat cells then the fat is processed through normal pathways through the body (urine) so it's really important to drink lots of water following your treatment.

Next they use RF (Radio Frequency) to smooth and tighten the skin.
Does it hurt?
No. I did not feel any pain at all. During the Ultrasound process you will hear a ringing sound but that is all.

Camille from Make It Work Mom made an awesome video walking you through the whole process. Go check it out.

For more information visit TruShape on Facebook.

You can't pass up this amazing special!

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