Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How to Guest Post on a Blog

Guest posting a great way to grow your blog and create new connections. It can be beneficial to both the blogger and the guest blogger.
Here is how to write and submit a guest post.

1. Writing a guest post
Start writing your post as usual.  Make sure it looks exactly the way you want it to be published. If you are submitting a tutorial or recipe you will want to make sure the best picture/ finished project is at the very top of the post.
Also, make sure to include a little intro about yourself, your blog and where readers can find you. This is your chance for new readers to find you so make sure to dazzle them.

Once your post is completed you will need to get the HTML code.
All you have to do is click "HTML" and Blogger will automatically convert your post to HTML code for you. 
Next highlight everything you see and copy it.

2. Submitting a guest post
Email the HTML code that you copied and all of the pictures to the blogger. Yes you already included the pictures in the post you wrote, but it is good for the blogger to have them as well. I have had guest posts where I just used the HTML code and didn't host the pictures myself and something happened to the pictures and I couldn't get them back.

3. Promoting the post
The day your guest post goes live it's nice to do a little teaser post on your own blog. It can be as simple as "I am guest posting at this blog today, stop by and say hi".  Don't post the whole post on your blog (if you want to re post it wait a few weeks).

4. Check the comments
Make sure to check the comment section for questions readers may have for you.

What are your thoughts on guest posting?
Have you ever been a guest poster? If you have any other tips, hints or thoughts on guest posting share them in the comments section.

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