Saturday, May 12, 2012

A New Way to Brush Teeth

I have a new way to brush my teeth, really I just let my new Emmi-dent Tooth Brush do all the work. Emmi-dent uses Ultrasound technology to clean and whiten teeth, did you even know that was possible?  The specialty formulated toothpaste and Emmi-dent toothbrush conduct ultrasound waves to reach the smallest of areas making your teeth super clean. Seriously, my teeth have never felt so clean!

All I have to do is spread on the toothpaste, turn on the tooth brush and hold on my teeth. The Ultrasound technology causes the toothpaste to bubble and clean. It reaches areas where a regular tooth brush can't reach. You DON"T actually scrub your teeth which is good news for those with sensitive teeth or gums. I love it! Brody loves it too. He is always asking to use my new tooth brush.

This tooth brush can even whiten teeth. For those of you with coffee or soda stained teeth you have to try the Emmi-dent system. I love it!
Emmi-dent and its nano-bubble toothpaste use ultrasound to kill the bacteria that cause stains on your teeth from food and drinks. By killing stains, your teeth return to their natural color and remain stain free.

I was provided with an Emmi-dent System for this review. ALL opinions are my own.

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