Monday, May 7, 2012

Three and a Half

Yesterday Brody turned three and a half years old! My little boy is growing up so fast.
He will be going off to preschool before I know it, so I am trying my best to enjoy all time we spend together.
Here is a list of some things I want to remember about Brody at this age.

- Most days you can find Brody wearing basketball shorts. He loves them!
- He is obsessed with cars. Playing with them, driving them, playing driving games on the iphone, drawing them, watching them, etc.
- He loves spelling his name for people.
- Brody is really defiant and tries to test me all the time.
- We are constantly watching Curious George.
- Brody would play outside all day every day if I let him.
- He loves feeding the ducks every week with Grandma Beth.
- Batteries intrigue him. He is constantly asking to see my battery on my phone or computer. He loves that they can recharge.
- He is only napping about 2 times a week now.
- In our family prayers he always has to slip in the word "comfy" he thinks it is so funny.
- Yellow is his favorite color.
- He loves going to primary.
- If we ever see a B on a sign he has to yell "B for Brody"
- Brody loves going to Target.
- He is a total mama's boy


  1. Cute picture! They grow up so fast.

  2. Hello, I met you at SNAP and I'm stopping by to say hello. E enjoyed my visit. And I love this adorable idea for taking a photo.

    Warmly, Michelle


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