Saturday, June 16, 2012

Zedena Lu Nautical Jewelry

Summer is upon us, and with it always arrives the year’s assortment of summer fashion trends. While trends are wonderful and exciting and interesting to read about in magazines (and occasionally shop for, when you have the extra time lying about), nothing ever seems to beat the woman who can carry off a more timeless, classic style.

This year, San Diego-based jewelry line Zedena Lu offers up its Bel Mare collection, a line of nautically-themed jewelry boasting shapes that include sailboats (because we’ve always wanted to be able to say we had a boat, right?), seahorses, dolphins and other aquatic inspirations.
With pendants colored in hues of golds, whites and blues, these pieces pair perfectly with your other classic staples, like a breezy white button-up blouse, your favorite blue jeans or, for special occasions, summer’s version of the LWD: the little white dress. In fact, we’re picturing that LWD now with this Bel Mare Speckled Enamel Seahorse:
Here’s a bit of what you don’t know: Every piece produced by Zedena Lu is handmade by San Diego designer Melissa Williams Netherton, and it’s Melissa’s love of working with enamel that led to these nautical necklaces. Other Zedena Lu collections include styles pulling from both Western and Eastern cultures, and visitors to the site are always pleased to find that they can also have Zedena Lu create a customized piece of jewelry.

Another classic that a classic lady can’t do without is the vintage crystal look, which appears in the line’s Filigrana collection. This assortment of necklaces and earrings is centered around the natural beauty of colored stones, including Genuine Swarovski Crystals, which are flanked in intricate metal designs. Take, for example this: Stella Peacock necklace, which can be worn either forward or backward:
This Swarovski crystal, surrounded by filigree brass, can be ordered in 18", 24" or 30" hand antiqued brass ladder chain. But more importantly, it’s gorgeous and sparkly and begs to be ogled. If that sounds like we’ve just described a supermodel, well – need we say anymore?

Zedena Lu designs may be viewed online at

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  1. I love the nautical looks! The sailboat is so cute.

  2. Those are gorgeous pieces! :) Thanks for sharing them with us.



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