Wednesday, September 12, 2012

DIY Calendar Blocks

I had fun making these calendar (or countdown) blocks. I'm sure you will too.

Start by cutting 2 x 2 inch blocks.
You can do any size you want, just make sure they are the same measurement around.

Sand the blocks.
Make sure they are super smooth.

Paint the blocks.
I like to use acrylic paint. It's cheap, easy, drys fast and is easy to clean up.

Allow the blocks to dry thoroughly.

Chose some pretty paper and cut into squares just smaller than the blocks.

Lightly coat one side of the block with Mod Podge.
Place one paper square on top of Mod Podge.
Smooth the paper down, making sure there are no bubbles.
Let dry.
Continue until each side of both blocks are covered in paper.

Paint a light coat of Mod Podge on the block.
Apply your first number.
Make sure to press firmly, making sure there are no bubbles.
Let dry.
Continue on each side until both blocks are numbered.

Use the numbers in the following order
Block 1- 0,1,2,3,4,5
Block 2- 0,1,2,6,7,8 (the 6 doubles as the 9)

Lightly coat each block with a final layer of Mod Podge to seal it.
Let dry.

Now you can either use your blocks as a calendar or as a count down calendar.


Send me pictures of your calendar blocks, I would love to see them!

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