Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Four Years Old!

I interrupt the Give Thanks series to take a minute to recognize Brody's 4th birthday!

Happy Birthday Brody!

A few things about Brody
-Brody is still obsessed with cars
-He loves going to preschool

-His favorite foods are pizza, french fries and hash browns
-Brody loves wearing basketball shorts or pajamas and changes into them as soon we get home
-He loves singing
-He is good at puzzles
-Brody is defiant and likes to challenge me on most things
-Coloring is one of his favorite activities
-His favorite baseball player is Kyle Lohse
- He is really excited for the babies to be born
-Brody loves that he is big enough to sit in a booster instead of a car seat
-He loves playing at the beach
 -Brody loves frosting but won;t eat cookies or cake

See more of Brody's age project here. 

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  1. Aw, so sweet! My youngest turns for in just a couple of weeks!! Where is time going?:)


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