Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Questions About Christmas

I am a little curious about what other do around Christmas time so please answer these questions and tell me all about how you celebrate Christmas.

1) When do you put out your decorations?
2) What is your favorite Christmas book?
3) Do you have any holiday traditions? If so what?
4) What is your favorite Christmas movie?
5) What is your favorite Christmas album?
6) How many Christmas parties do yo go to?
7) When do you start your Christmas shopping?

Here are my answers
1) Thanksgiving weekend
2) Why Christmas Trees Aren't Perfect
3) One of my favorite traditions is baking cookies for Christmas brunch with my sisters and mom
4) White Christmas
5) George Strait, A Merry Christmas Strait To You
6) This year we have only gone to 2, I am limiting myself during this pregnancy
7)I always plan to start in September but it's usually November

Now it's your turn to answer.


  1. I love that book too!

  2. 1) The day after Thanksgiving, though I'm rethinking this because our tree is always completely dead by Christmas.
    2) Punchinello and the Most Marvelous Gift by Max Lucado.
    3) Karl and I are still forming ours, but So far we always spend Christmas at our own house. I make cranberry upside down muffins for breakfast and Karl makes a giant vegetarian lasagna for dinner (I grew up with Italian Christmas, so he does this for me).
    4) I'd have to say White Christmas. Always and forever.
    5) I just bought Sufjan Stevens "Songs for Christmas" collection and I'm obsessed.
    6) Honestly, this year's a big year for us. We're going to a whopping 1 party! Haha.
    7) Usually 3 weeks before Christmas.

  3. we usually get our tree and put up decorations the first weekend of december. my fave book is "the night before christmas", more like a poem, but i love it!


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