Monday, January 28, 2013

Re-Post: Valentine Sweets Pillow Box Printable

Valentines is  a dangerous holiday for me!  I have no will-power when it comes to the sugary goodness found on isle after isle at the grocery store.  I'm a sweet-tooth-a-holic!  There I said it!  My name is Kirsten and I like candy.  However, I love baking and giving away sweets as well, so this little printable pillow box is perfect for the holiday.  It's going to help me get some of this candy out of my house and into someone else's.
 First download and print out the pillow box on your home printer or your local print shop.  Just keep in mind, this printable works best with card stock.  It's needs the heavier weight paper to keep it's shape.  After printing it's as easy as the next couple of steps...
It's a great size for any valentine candy imaginable, cookies or brownies.
 Uh oh... this little sweetie-pie has inherited the love of candy from his mother!  What's a mom to do?
 To download the Valentines pillow box printable go HERE.
Also, don't forget to head on over to Embellish and check out my other FREE printables.  Enjoy!

Thanks Kirsten for the darling Valentines box printable and tutorial! 
You can see more of Kirsten's amazing printables and tutorials on her blog, Embellish.

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