Monday, April 29, 2013

Quilts for the Girls

A few weeks ago grandma Beth gave the girls matching quilts that she made for them. I love the hearts sewn in the corner with their name and birth date embroidered on them.
Remember the quilt she made for Brody?

Brody wanted his picture with the girls on a quilt too.


  1. CUTE!! Cant wait to meet them!

  2. Those quilts are exquisite! I love each of the fabrics and how well they each compliment one another. Love the gray & pink...makes them both modern and nostalgic.

  3. Another Grandma Beth beauty. The quilts are amazing. Those two little ones are soo cute. I need some snuggle time.

  4. beautiful quilts.

    and i can't believe i haven't said this yet, but CONGRATULATIONS on your darling baby girls!!!


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