Monday, May 13, 2013

A Few Things

1) Keeping up with blogging while caring for two babies and a four year old is challenging! At least I am getting good at holding two babies at the same time.

2) I just don't get the whole Google+ thing. Can someone explain it to me?

3) I love my new Little Snowie shaved ice machine I got for Mother's Day!

4) I have been trying out City Lash eye lash enhancer and have to say I feel like my eyelashes have become fuller.

5) I am slightly addicted to Instagram. Why didn't I join earlier?
You can follow me on Instagram here if you want.

6) Brody's Union Jack and Queens Guard pajamas and rain boots came in the mail last week. I love them! 

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  1. Cute pjs. I don't understand google+ either.


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