Tuesday, August 20, 2013

DIY Tin Can Stilts

Brody has been having so much fun playing on his new tin can stilts! Sometimes getting the balance down can be a little tricky but that's part of the fun. He also loves being taller. They are great to play outside in this warm weather but come winter he can play with them inside on the carpet too.

To make one pair of stilts you will need 2 tin cans, ribbon or string, paint and a drill.

Step 1) Remove the labels, wash cans and let dry.

Step 2) Paint cans with spray paint or hand paint with acrylic craft paint.

Step 3) Drill two small holes near the bottom of the cans, about 0.5 inches from the bottom. Make sure the holes are on opposite sides of the can from each other. You can also use a hammer and nail if you don't have a drill.

Step 4) Cut your ribbon or string to about 60 inches, depending on the child's height.

Step 5) String the ribbon through the can and tie in to a knot as shown below.

Have your child stand with one foot on each can, holding the ribbon in each hand. Have your child pull the ribbon as they walk. Have fun!


  1. My little ones would love these!

  2. Awesome - retro replay of an classic DIY activity! Definitely going to to add this to the list for circus camp! http://www.sophie-world.com/blog/kidz-kamp


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