Monday, October 21, 2013

Twins: 8 Months

8 months old! These girls keep me busy!

They love scooting all over the place and laughing at Brody. Sammy is always blowing bubbles or raspberries. Sadie likes to scream but it's more of a screech.
I always get a good laugh out of watching them fight over the same toy or binkie. it's quite funny.

Sadie has started saying "mama" but she doesn't know what she is saying.

Earlier this month there was a 3 day stretch where I personally changed 45+ poopy diapers, it was not fun!

Sammy will is good at eating her veggies and fruit while Sadie won't tolerate vegetables. They both love pears and banana the best.

The girls like to crawl (army crawl) under things, especially their bouncers or our coffee table.

Their hair is slowly starting to fill in and it is looking like they won't be getting their brother's red hair. Their hair looks light brown.

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  1. 45+ poopy diapers? omg i cant even imagine!!!

    they are so cute though and i can totally see brody in them, especially samantha.


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