Thursday, January 30, 2014

DIY Kids Olympic Torch Craft

I can not even tell you how much Brody loves doing little arts and crafts projects. It was probably brought on from preschool. I am always trying to come up with quick simple projects that we can do together. I figured since the Olympics is just around the corner he would like o make a little Olympic torch. It only took about two minutes and we just used supplies we had around the house. 

Aluminum foil
Cardboard roll (from toilet paper or paper towel)
Red, yellow and orange tissue paper (we didn't have orange but I would add it in)
 Step 1. Cover the cardboard roll with aluminum foil

Step2. Cut the end of tissue paper to look like flames
Step 3. Twist flames together and push halfway through base of torch

Easy right? With my two babies keeping me busy we have to keep our craft project simple so this was perfect for us and Brody loves it.


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