Thursday, January 16, 2014

DIY Kids Sewing Card

Sewing cards are the perfect quiet project for kids. They are a great thing to add to your church bag or just keep at home. Plus I love the concentration  kids put into them and they are awesome for hand eye coordination.

I made Brody this car sewing card using supplies I had a round the house.
You will need:
Car template
Heavy cardstock or cardboard
Hole punch
Yarn, twin or thin ribbon

First start by printing the car template or any other design you choose. You can print it on to the cardstock or trace it on to heavier paper or cardboard then cut out.

Next take your hole punch and punch holes around the edge of the car. Just make sure to space them evenly apart and not too close to the edge. I did mine free hand so they aren't perfect :)

Next take your yarn or string and wrap some tape around the edge so it won't fray.
 And now you can begin sewing!

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  1. Fun! My kids would love me to make them one of these.


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