Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Five and a Half

How did this little boy of mine get to be five and a half years old? I am pretty sure that time speeds up once you have children.

Brody is my little buddy and loves to shop at Target with me. He is an awesome big brother and loves to help me with his sisters. He loves playing outside and loves playing on his T-Ball team.

He loves school and is learning how to read. He loves practices writing words but doesn't love when i  make him read his books to me.

Brody can be stubborn. He wants to be the boss of the family and frequently tells me so. He is a little know it all and is constantly informing me of the ways of the world.

He is learning all the players on the Cardinals baseball team. Matt Holliday is his favorite.

He loves snuggling with me, especially while we watch movies. He is really sweet!

He loves chocolate ice cream and pizza is still his favorite food.

Brody is really excited to start kindergarten in fall.

See more of Brody's age project here. 

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