Thursday, August 21, 2014

Twins: 18 Months

Today Sadie and Sammy are 18 months old. Has it been a year and a half already?
I can barely remember all those sleepless nights, all those feedings and all those blow out diapers to change.

These girls bring so much joy into our lives and I love just sitting back and watching them. They fight over blankets, binkies and toys a lot but they also are good at sharing with each other and play really well together and with Brody. I can find them playing peek a boo (hiding behind a table) with each other or squealing as Brody chases them around the house.They like snuggling their baby dolls,playing outside and going on wagon rides.

They have finally transitioned to one nap a day (happened at 17 months). They are really good about going to sleep, all I have to say is "night time" and they grab their blankets and binkies and walk to their room. Once I put them in their cribs they go right to sleep. I can thank babywise for this. Oh, and a lot of hard work!

I can not for the life of me get Sadie and Sammy to keep bows or headbands in their hair. If by chance I can get them to wear them, they pull them out of each others hair. 

Favorite foods: strawberries, steak, chicken nuggets, pineapple, yogurt smoothies and applesauce.

Favorite movies: Beauty and The Beast, Frozen, The Lorax.

Height: 31.75 inches
Weight: 24.8 pounds

Sammy loves to dance and will start dancing as soon as music is turned on. She likes to say " uh-oh" and wave good bye.

Height:32.75 inches
Weight: 24.12 pounds

Sadie is a climber and a goofball. She makes funny little faces and then giggles. She can  say "buh-bye" as she waves, she also says "baby" and "sss" (please).

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