Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Time Bingo

I'm so excited to be here! I'm Krista and I blog over at While He Was Napping. It's been my little corner of the blogosphere since 2010. I have three little boys that keep me busy and a husband that keeps me sane and grounded. I am usually wading around in a sea of Tonka trucks, Thomas trains and Hot Wheels. While He Was Napping is my little island in that sea of testosterone where I get to escape into fun recipes, kid's activities, digital design and maybe even a sprinkle of glitter.

It's been getting warmer around here and the trees are even starting to blossom. This is my favorite time of year in the desert. Everything is pretty and green... well, there's a little more green and a little less brown. The temperatures aren't so high that you have to stay inside during the day; the evenings are a nice mix of chilly and just right while the mornings are just brisk enough to make you grateful for the sunshine. Spring. I think this is probably my kids' favorite time of the year too. We get to play outside: ride bikes, go to the park, eat ice cream on the porch swing. We are gearing up for Spring Break and I can't wait to have less structure in our lives for a few days to just enjoy this gorgeous spring. springtime bingo We also love games. So, to combine two of our favorite things of the moment, I made up a game for my kiddos. Spring Bingo. We've been playing it the last couple days and it's perfect for my 3 and 5.5 year olds. Because it's picture matching, my 3 year old can play by himself and my 5 year old still enjoys the game too. Spring Bingo If you would like to get your own copy of the Spring Bingo game, you can download the PDF, save it to your computer and then print. The files are formatted to 8.5x11" and you'll need Adobe Reader to access them. Don't worry it's free and you can download it if you don't have it already. There are three different game board styles and a sheet of bingo cards. Print all the pages, cut the cards apart (laminate them, if you want) and then find some fun markers to use. We used cheerios and my boys played for about 20 mins in an endless version of the game. They loved it!


  1. Fun! I am printing this right now.

  2. I love your beautiful artwork which makes work pages attractive and fun!
    Thanks for sharing!


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