Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Our Sad Excuse For Dinner

Am I the only one out there that dreads dinner time? I am so unprepared by the time dinner rolls around that I am scrambling to throw a dinner together and I end up looking like a short order cook and can't even sit down to eat with my family. I am not sure how it got that way. I will just blame it on life with twin toddlers, although that's really only a small portion of it.

I use to try and plan out our family's dinner menus ahead of time and then plan the grocery list around that but I have just been swept away in life and landed in this mess at dinner time. I am usually a pretty organized person but when it comes to dinner I fail miserably. My poor family!

As a mom it's my job to make sure my kids eat good healthy meals, not like the picture below. Ha!

Trying to make dinner is frustrating too because Sammy and Sadie end up clinging on to my legs while I try and cook making cooking difficult so there are many nights when we grab fast food. I don't even know what our monthly food budget is because of our expensive fast food  dinners and total lack of planning. Fast food for 5 people can add up fast! Plus I am teaching my kids poor meal time habits.

Does any of this sound familiar to anyone?

Growing up I remember dinner being a time when we sat together as a family and talked and enjoyed our time together while we ate. I want my kids to experience that. I don't want them thinking our current dinner situation is a good one.

I am going to turn our sad family dinner time around though! I am going to be part of the Dream Dinner Experiment! I am actually really excited about this! Utah Dream Dinners is about taking the stress and madness of dinner away. You look at the menus online and choose which ones would be best for your family then you show up to the store to assemble them. No grocery lists, no shopping, they have taken that hassle away from you. You take your meals home and all that's left is to cook the pre-assembled meals.

I am going to even let my little ones help me cook some of the meals. They love to try and help cook and with Dream Dinners taking all the hard work away it will make it easy and enjoyable. While I am at it I can even teach them how to set the table and clean up after dinner right? I can't forget about teaching them table manors too. How am I supposed to teach them these things when I can't even sit down to eat with them? Dream dinners is going to help me in so many ways!

Right now Dream Dinners has a great offer for Whatever DeeDee Wants readers. Purchase 3 meals for only $25. They will also teach you how to make all your dinners for 1 month in only 1 hour! Click here for more details.
I tried this out and am happy to say I am a fan! I wouldn't be telling you about this if I didn't like it.

I will be telling you more about my experiences with Utah Dream Dinners soon. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Hi! Is this deal only for the 2 Dream Dinners stores listed? I live in KS and would love to use your deal to go to the dream dinners location near me- Overland Park (I looked it up). Thanks!


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