Wednesday, August 19, 2015

First Grade

I can't believe my Brody is old enough for first grade! I wasn't sad when he went to preschool or kindergarten but first grade is a big deal. He leaves me all day long! It is exciting to watch him grow and learn but I am not gonna lie, it is a little bitter sweet.

Walking in to school this morning he grabbed my hand to hold it. Probably out of habit because after a few seconds he didn't want to hold my hand anymore. I guess I am starting to embarrass him already. Ha!

Brody is most excited for three recesses and of course seeing all of his friends. Oh and taking a lunch to school.

He wanted to make sure to include Sadie and Sammy in his first day of school pictures. Such a good big brother! Just overlook their messy hair and Brody's part that is way too far over ok?

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  1. hi there, cute kiddos. As a photographer, might i make a suggestion? Try moving your kids just a few steps infront of the wall and then take the shot. This will add depth and lose that feeling of the child being a part of the wall. It'll look better, you'll see. Not that you want my advice im sure lol. I enjoyed reading your blog and im just coming away leaving a comment. thanks!


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